Address: Alley opposite No. 291 Chien Thang Street, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Hotline: 0918 00 1388
Tel: 043 782 1112

CANZY VIETNAM CORPORATION, operating in the field of supplying luxury kitchen equipment imported from Europe: Electromagnetic cooker, vacuum cleaner, gas stove, oven, dryer bowl, hose and pot

CANZY’s staff is full of enthusiasm and very warm attitude in the way of serving customers. All employees in CANZY company understand one thing is:

“The new customer is the person who decides the future, the existence and development of CANZY”

Therefore, all employees of CANZY company always think and work thinking:

“Serve the customer as we are serving ourselves”

In addition, the CANZY team of engineers are highly qualified engineers with long experience in the industry, which is why we are confident that we can meet every requirement. most customers.

At present, CANZY’s products have covered the whole country and received warm welcome from customers, partly proving that the direction of CANZY is right. However, for this reason, CANZY has neglected its mission, which is the driving force for CANZY to become better and better serve its customers.

In the process of developing 10 years in Vietnam, the time is not short but it is not long, but one thing in the last 10 years, we always try to: Become the largest kitchen equipment supplier in Vietnam, It is capable of satisfying 4 weak: Q (Quanlity) -C (Cost) -D (Delivery) -S (Service) best in Vietnam.

Building CANZY becomes a professional working environment where every individual can maximize creativity, leadership and real mastery with a very democratic spirit.

Building CANZY becomes a real home for all employees in the company by sharing the rights, responsibilities and obligations in the most fair and transparent way.
Core values ​​of CANZY VIETNAM:
– Discipline oriented towards professionalism;
– perfect organization leading to service;
– Dynamic towards collective creativity;
– Commitment within and to the community, society;
– Work and act honestly;
Business philosophy of CANZY VIETNAM
Company culture is the foundation and the backbone of the development, gathering and celebrating all the human factors in business, towards harmonious and sustainable development.

“Taking Customer Satisfaction as our Happiness” is what all employees of CANZY VIETNAM CORPORATION are looking forward to!


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